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We're not health nuts, far from it actually. We don't follow the [Whole 30 Macro Cleanse Pressed Shake...] fad diets of the day either. In fact, we're much more likely to be found staring down a medium rare rib-eye and a glass of Cabernet. However, as we witness our four year-old running his Cheetos-dusted fingers across his white shirt again...and again...we become filled with parental guilt.

This is why we created Squeaky Pops Popped Chickpea Chips. All of our children deserve appropriately portioned, nutritious, low sugar and real ingredient snacks. And because you're busy living your life, we're taking the middle man out of the equation, delivering our snacks right to your doorstep with one click.

As we help to fuel your children's fun-filled days our mission is simple: create convenient and yummy snacks that make the whole family happy. So toss out those Cheddar Bunnies and get poppin' with Squeaky Pops!

-Carly & Taylor Llewellyn, founders

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